Do I Need a Survey Plan for Building Additions in Toronto?

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Why is it important to acquire a survey plan for building additions in Toronto? Land survey plans provide a visual representation of your property as well as the boundaries surrounding it. The survey plan can also show the location of buildings, fences and even trees and hedges in relation to the property line.

If you are considering building an addition to your home, it is extremely important to understand where your property ends and where your neighbour’s property begins. Constructing an addition that encroaches on the neighbouring property can lead to property disputes and in some cases legal action. If the addition does not comply with local bylaws or the addition is found to be encroaching on the neighbour’s property, you may have to demolish the structure and incur all the costs associated with this. Acquiring a land survey plan ahead of time can help to avoid stress and protect your investment.

Protect the investment in your property by acquiring a survey plan for building additions in Toronto.
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The Value of a Survey Plan for Building Additions in Toronto

A land survey plan is an important document for any homeowner as it provides a detailed representation of the official location and dimension of the boundaries of the property.
Many people make assumptions about properly lines which can lead to significant complications. You may think you have enough space on your property to accommodate a new addition to your home, but what happens if the addition inadvertently encroaches on your neighbour’s property? Do you understand the local bylaws well enough to be sure that the new addition won’t cause an infraction? Are you up to speed with the building permit requirements for additions in Toronto? You will be required to submit a survey plan with a description of the addition you wish to build.
Acquiring a land survey plan before building additions in Toronto should be one of the first steps in the planning phase of any new addition. A little precaution ahead of time can save endless stress and even a costly demolition down the road.

Acquiring a Survey Plan

The top land survey firms servicing the Greater Toronto Area can provide access to a extensive online inventory of existing property surveys. This inventory will cover most of the addresses across the GTA. In the event that the survey is older or not completely up-to-date, it is important to consult with your municipal building department before proceeding with your home addition project.
In the event that a new survey plan is required, the steps should be taken to have a new survey plan commissioned by an Ontario Land Surveyor. The top land survey firms will be able to provide professional land surveying services to meet all of your land survey needs.
Don’t make costly assumptions about your land boundaries; speak to a land survey firm today and take the steps necessary to acquire an up-to-date survey plan for building additions in Toronto. 

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